First attempt at candle making.

Total cost of this was probably around 15 bucks.

old candle - 99 cents

jars - 1 dollar

candle wicks - 10 dollars (I regret not buying those candle wicks I saw at good will.. I regret this so much.)

pitcher - 25 cents

I broke my old candle apart (the wick was broken and I still had a lot of wax left), placed it in a thrifted pitched and then into a pot with boiling water. Started boiling the water until the wax melted. 

Prepped the wicks in the candle jars so that they were centered. 

Waited till the wax melted. (I did some yoga and practiced a dance routine).

Poured the wax into the jars and impatiently tried to cut the wicks off.

And recycled candles!

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Posted on Tuesday, 5 March
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