365 days of happiness

Day 1: Beauty in your own backyard

I’m excited that I’m going to start the 365 days of happiness photography project! I’ll try my best to take a photo every day of something that makes me happy. Something like this. Cute flowers at one of our local restaurants that we enjoy. I can’t guarantee that it will be shot from my DSLR and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post every day. But I’ll try!

pink dots OOTD

crochet crop sweater - Rw&co

wait a minute OOTD

Skirt + socks + jacket = forever21

If you follow me and know me. You would know that I tend to wear clothes that I like to the point where it falls apart… So I wore my $5 brown flats for about 3 years until the sole on the left shoe literally peeled off. We walked around Osborne until we asked a store if we could borrow duct tape. 

So basically, Paul bought me two new flats. <3

Made this for @santospaulm it has some pictures from our trips and one of Sofia. Because we love her. #photography #diy



My name is Gloria, I live in Winnipeg and I do as much art as I can.

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in printmaking and a minor in (World/Asian and Canadian) History in 2014 (University of Manitoba.)

I participated in all art shows during my three years at The School of Art. As well as two print exhibits.

A local video group (Final Fitz) along with myself held a video showing (Temporal Playground) and art show in May 2011. 

I contributed to The Manitoban from July 2013 to April 2014 for their weekly issues. I provided comics weekly as well as graphics when needed.


I am currently working on my ETSY shop for my miniatures.

I have been interested in miniatures since I was young. The first memory that I have of miniatures was when I watched the Lord Of The Rings DVD special on miniatures. I was interested ever since. I actively worked on miniatures sine early 2008. I mostly work with polymer clay and I’ve started working with wood in the past year. I try to reuse and recycle as much as possible, so my studio usually ends up with a lot of packaging and cardboard. I also thrift as much as possible and use them with my miniatures also.

I have only started making box rooms in the past year.


I currently own a PENTAX MESuper, Fujifilm Intax Mini 8, and my trusty iPhone4, which sadly is a lot easier to carry around sometimes. (I also shoot with two different Canon DSLRs when I can.)


I majored in Lithography and Intaglio and worked in advance courses for these types of printmaking. I have been working on a series of printmaking which is a little unconventional, but I am still working out the kinks.


Commissions are currently closed.

Last Edited: July 25, 2014.

This is me raging. #notfun #luigi #video


Gave this old jewelry organizer some new life with a fresh paint of Parisian blue and cream stenciled roses.

Total cost was around $4 because I got the spray paint for sale and the wooden organizer was free. I’m still getting rid of a lot of jewelry and accessories. I’m trying to keep a rule that if they don’t fit in here, then I can’t have it. (Unfortunately… Except for hats and head bands.)


You know whenever you see a girl with a cute tiny bag? And they take it to the bathroom? You’re like oh “that’s cute she’s fixing up her makeup.”

I can guarantee that half the time it’s full of pads and tampies.

I reused an old T-shirt that I never wore and made it into a tiny bag. Yes it’s for tampies.


Got a tie dye kit for super cheap. I wanted to do a test tie dye before I did it on one of my white dresses.

It came out exactly how it wanted it. I wanted a really light pale rainbow tie dye. They are summer beach cover ups.

So an OOTD for these will definitely be when I can hit the beach!

Sorry for the final photo. They are still drying! I will post more photos later.


I’m trying to be on a diy summer kick. So I made an arm knit scarf at 3 am. I also had the extra wool from Paul’s scarf.