365 days of happiness

Day 61: Turkey day :)

Thankful post? 

I’m thankful for my parents and Sofia. And I’m super happy with the people that have contacted me in the past year and those who really cared about our relationship to continue to talk/hang out/keep in touch. That being said, I’m also thankful for those who have come and gone. I’ve learnt a lot. And I’m pushing towards the future now. I’m more focused on my art and myself. 

My #samplesource package came :D I’m a cheapskate! #free

I’m not setting up my #christmas #miniature tree. Nooooo. Of course not. To be fair I just finished my halloween costume today.

I’ve been swamped with work and other art projects that I haven’t been able to get the editing done for my first video :( I feel bad since it was fall based outfits, so by the time it’ll be done, the weather will probably be too snowy. 

Bad excuses I know. But I’ve been working hard on my miniatures and my photo project. I’m also starting a new print, but oh noes I have work basically every single day. 

Ahh still fun though. Doing face painting on kids and free birthday cake. And setting up pretty christmas trees.


(not really fall related, but kind of?) 

I had these decorative shells for a really long time and I had no idea what to do with them. But then decided to use some old wax and make tiny shell candles. I would only use these for a summer party since they would only last an hour or so at most. 

The wicks I purchased from ETSY, I’m not sure if she has them anymore. But it was a really good deal.

365 days of happiness

Day 60: cute cute cute floral floral floral Polaroid Polaroid Polaroid

Finally using my instaxmini8 and going to be using some washi tape for the bottom so I can write various things. I have tons of ideas on how I want to show these off, but I need a good year’s worth of photos first. 

I think I was trying to be funny. She growled a bit after the fifth time I tried to film this. #cat #video #personal

Fresh raspberries from the yard!

I fucking love this shirt. #notaboobshot #cats #cattaco #catburrito #inspace #ohmygod #cellpix

Guess what time it is. It’s hot chocolate and heat pack in bed time. Doing nails included. Sofia is supportive.

otterfluff asked:
you look fantastic. I'm really enjoying looking at the art you are making. Its been really nice to see while I've been on bed rest.

thank you :) I’ve been a lot better these days. I was prescribed a year of antidepressants and I’m working towards being happier and making more art is helping.

Haven’t been on fb a lot, so not sure where you’re at, but happy babies!

*Whoops, supposed to be private. Uhhh sorry

365 days of happiness

Day 59: Dream painting (the painting that I never had the courage to place on a canvas)

I always had a reoccurring dream as a child/late teens about a very fantasy Disney like scene. I was always a princess and I was always looking out to this landscape of a bridge that would lead to a castle. Everything was always so magical and beautiful and starry. It was always night time but everything was illuminated from stars to lights to fairy lights and the planets. I always dreamed about the planets taking over the whole sky.

This image always stayed in my mind and I never had the courage to take it down. I thought that if I did, I would never be able to capture it’s true beauty. But after some vast life changes, I decided that I needed to stop waiting and I needed to move forward. Not only in my life but also with my art.

This painting will never truly be finished, and I’ll always want to recreate it, but this is a start.

- lonely cloud

Dream painting

Acrylic on canvas (~2 x ~4)

Hair was being magical today and was perfectly curled from a bun from sleeping.

Made this awesome lip colour that I wish was more wearable but I’m going to wear it anyways.

Pink is an awesome shade right now.

I went to my doctors and had to get a year’s worth of meds. 



Used some old fabric and ribbon to make some shopping bags. I wasn’t going to use the ribbon or fabric anyways, so why not make them into something useful!

365 days of happiness

Day 58: Dresses galore