You know whenever you see a girl with a cute tiny bag? And they take it to the bathroom? You’re like oh “that’s cute she’s fixing up her makeup.”

I can guarantee that half the time it’s full of pads and tampies.

I reused an old T-shirt that I never wore and made it into a tiny bag. Yes it’s for tampies.


Got a tie dye kit for super cheap. I wanted to do a test tie dye before I did it on one of my white dresses.

It came out exactly how it wanted it. I wanted a really light pale rainbow tie dye. They are summer beach cover ups.

So an OOTD for these will definitely be when I can hit the beach!

Sorry for the final photo. They are still drying! I will post more photos later.


I’m trying to be on a diy summer kick. So I made an arm knit scarf at 3 am. I also had the extra wool from Paul’s scarf.


Need new glasses. Tried on the last one for fun.

Sushi date 

This is how the photos always turn out. A nice photo of food and then Paul lookin’ all cute.

This video made me laugh in a good way.

This is the depression that I have. Having a cat does help a whole ton. 

Also I would love to have a pole in my apartment/house. Also that swing thing. 

I made the tastiest french toast yesterday. 


Crochet top - Rw&co
Choker - DIY

I’m making an effort to make lists for things to do for the day and lists for things to do for the week. I also made a list of things that I want to do before the summer is over.

Week lists are just getting me down. But I’m working really hard for the day to day lists. At least I’m trying to stay positive here.

Trying to reduce. Arg garage sales. #yardsale #winnipeg #jewelry #garagesales

Paul gave me these roses for my (birthday?) last year and I didn’t even try to preserve them, they kind of just preserved themselves.

warm tone cool tone

what colour should I dye the blonde bit?

My mom’s plants.