I’m trying to get used to talking to a camera. YouTube channel is happening. #video #instaxmini8 #personal

wow. Much accessorize. Such #pins. #ootd #style #hamsa #forever21 #instashakti #skull

Sofia needs to tell me that she loves me. #cat #video

I’ve done nude/semi nude art projects before. And I’ve even had my video shown to the entire school of me in my underwear and topless. (I was slightly blurred out, but everyone saw my butt.) 

And I would like to do more photography and videos. But why is it every time I take a photo from my phone. It feels dirty? 

I’ve never felt weird about my art when it had a meaning? I suppose. But every time it was just my naked body, it felt weird. 

I might be pink forever. Filter because the pink is too pastel. No makeup because fucking lazy. #manicpanic #personal

365 days of happiness

Day 32: Purify and clarify

Is this how I purify my stones? :(

365 days of happiness

Day 31: Collecting

Spent some of the day sorting out my rocks.

I only collect rocks from trips and different places I’ve been. I have rocks from all across Canada. 

365 days of happiness

Day 30: oh my

Honestly I’m starting to wear garters because they keep my socks up. And that’s what they’re for. I was just trying out my garters with different socks. So far I’m spending more time trying to put on my garters as opposed to wearing them…

365 days of happiness

Day 29: Tiny grape

365 day of happiness

Day 28: Make your bed

I washed everything with tons of fabric softener and changed all the sheets and pillow cases.

Was cleaning (again) and found some (fan)art from 2005 - 2008???

Ugh so much fan art.

I have about 5 more posts queued, and then I’m taking another little hiatus. :) Please bear with me while I try to figure out life things.


Use an old dress shirt as a pillow case. 

I sewed the bottom portion closed, and sewed the collar down. You can cut the sleeves if you wish, but I tied them down in a bow in the back. (Yes you can see the Hello Kitty case underneath. What. Ever.)

Just open the buttons to put your pillow in.

cat where? OOTD

cat collar tips - DIY

Yes my cat is on the floor behind me.

Screaming. Grabbed the last rebel t5i for basically half off. 1080p HD video here I come. #screaming #dead #omg #dslr #canon #cat #excite #hashtag #what whatever I’m wearing pjs at 5 pm. I’m an adult.